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Termite and Mosquito Season Officially Has Begun

April means mosquito and termite season is here. According to Terminix, Termites are going to wreak havoc across the U.S., but certain states and cities are at much higher risk levels and should be on high alert during the next few months. “We consistently see higher levels of termite activity in the southern United States,” said Paul Curtis, Terminix’s manager of technical services. “Particularly in and around coastal cities where the weather is damp and humid — the perfect environment for a growing termite colony.” Terminix identified 15 cities across the U.S. that should be on the highest alert and
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Natural Ways to Keep Termites Away

When it comes to pest control and prevention, you can never be too safe. Each year, termites and similar pests cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S. Once termites make their way into the foundation of your home, they can be extremely difficult to remove. The best option is to hire an exterminator, but if you’re looking for natural ways to prevent termites, here are some ideas. If you see signs of termite damage in your home, you can try using a cardboard trap to get rid of them. Cardboard is an
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