Commercial Fire Ant Management Service

Commercial Fire Ant Management Service Monticello Madison dixon

Fire ants are as big a nuisance at the workplace as they are at home:

  • They pose a serious liability exposure for employers
  • They are significantly impede the use of green space
  • They can cause serious employee injury
  • They can negatively impact productivity
  • They can increase maintenance and repair expenses (by damaging outdoor electrical, HVAC and plumbing equipment)

If fire ants are keeping you from enjoying your outdoor spaces, let us help. Our quarterly Fire Ant Management Service is affordable and effective and offers these benefits:

  • Fast-acting… you’ll see the difference in 1 to 3 days
  • Long-lasting… existing colonies stay dead for 3 months
  • Environmentally-responsible… no harm to people or pets
  • Worry-free… unconditionally guaranteed

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