Moisture Reduction Service

Dixon Pest Services Moisture Reduction Service Tallahassee, FLIf you live in an air-conditioned house built on a crawl space, excessive moisture could be seriously damaging your home. The problem is most prevalent in well-insulated homes and worsens in warm-weather months when cool interior floors combine with warm moist air in the crawl space, creating trapped moisture under your house.

Dixon Pest Services Moisture Reduction Service Tallahassee, FLSome of the likely effects of excessive trapped moisture are:

  • Persistent mildew formation and odor
  • Cupping and warping of hardwood floors
  • Structural damage by wood-decaying fungus and termites

Following a careful inspection, Dixon Pest Services uses a step-by-step approach to solving moisture problems, and moisture-content readings are conducted at each of these steps to gauge results:

Step One: Installation of a moisture barrier on crawl space floors
Step Two: Sealing of vents and any cracks in foundation walls
Step Three: Installation of a dehumidifier

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