Bed Bug Solutions

Bed bug infestations are on the rise in our service area, and they are not just confined to homes and apartments. Hotels and motels, health care facilities, dormitories, schools, theaters, furniture rental stores, office buildings and all modes of transportation… anywhere people are on the move, are places where bed bugs may be found.


Bed bugs thrive on blood, so they are most likely to be found near their source of food. The best telltale signs of a bed bug infestation are dark spots (dried bed bug excrement) around mattress seams or other surfaces where the bugs have been living. In addition to these spots, you may also see the small bugs themselves or the light-brown, molted skins of bed bug nymphs.

Call The Professionals

Bed bugs are challenging pests to control and virtually impossible to successfully treat yourself. Let our highly-trained pest control technicians help you.

Dixon Pest Services bed bug treatment procedures begin with careful communication and teamwork with the homeowner to get the structure ready for treatment. Preparation is as important as the treatment itself.

Once the structure has been properly prepared, our technician makes a thorough, systematic and persistent initial treatment and a second, follow-up treatment roughly 7-10 days after the initial service. For your added protection and peace of mind, we also provide bed bug mattress covers.

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