Sustainable Pest Management

Sustainable Pest Management Thomasville

Sustainable Pest Management is a superior and more responsible way to combat pests in the home and workplace. A hallmark feature of Dixon Pest Services, Sustainable Pest Management – also referred to as “low impact pest management” – offers these important benefits to our customers:

  • Less damage to the environment around structures
  • Reduced hazard to pets and occupants
  • Long term permanent reduction of the target pest
  • More cost-effective

The Dixon Pest Services Sustainable Pest Management process is built on these 4 steps:

  1. 1. Inspection: Inspection of your home or business by trained professionals to determine what pests are present.
  2. 2. Identification: Proper identification allows us to pinpoint pests’ hiding spots.
  3. 3. Treatment: A customized sustainable pest management plan, including sanitation, exclusion, monitoring, trapping, habit modification, design modification, environment controls or chemical application.
  4. 4. Evaluation: On-going monitoring and communication with you to ensure the plan is working.
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