“Dealing with moisture underneath our home for several months and not being able to find a solution to the problem almost drove my husband and me to our wits end. Mildew and mold became huge issues affecting our health as well as causing structural damage to our home. Not knowing where to turn, we contacted Dixon Pest Services. We had used Dixon for various services over the years, and knew they would give it their best effort in finding a solution. The Dixon Team responded immediately, listened intently to what we had to say, offered suggestions for resolution, and kept us informed as to costs involved and next steps. They stayed on top of the situation until full resolution was reached. We were very pleased with the professionalism, customer service, and end results that Dixon provided. We highly recommend Dixon Pest Services for resolution to any moisture problem.”

– Joyce H.
Thomasville, GA

“After suffering through a bad experience with a serious termite problem, we hired Dixon Pest Services. Knowing that we now have timely and competent inspections and professionally rendered services for all of our pest control needs gives us great peace of mind. Thank you Dixon’s!”

– Barbara L.
Thomasville, GA

“When we built our home, and our termite protection contract was with another company and it remained so for about 10 years, when we were notified that the contract could not be extended. Having used Dixon for all of our other pest services, we called and asked if they would take over the protection of our home. Dixon’s response was immediate: within a matter of days, they completed a thorough, inside and outside inspection, treated the perimeter of our home without any damage to the structure or landscaping, and provided us with an annually renewable contract. Termite infestation is something we don’t want to worry about, and thanks to Dixon Pest services, we don’t have to.”

– Stephanie B.
Thomasville, GA

“I really appreciate that this is a family-owned business that puts family values first and that the owners and management are always open to ideas that will make the business better. Working here gives me the opportunity to receive further education and training. The favorite part of my job is providing excellent service to our customers.”

– Roland Benton
Service Technician

“At Dixon I feel like a valued team member, one who’s efforts are appreciated. I like the fact that a high priority is placed on individual character and that we work to exceed customers’ expectations, and deliver on our promises. Best of all, is the family feel that the business has been built on. I am looking forward to the future with Dixon!”

– Glen Ayers
Sales Representative

“You got very high marks during our audit yesterday for your knowledge and professionalism. Thanks for assisting us in this area.”

– Judy J.
Mussella, GA

“Pest management is an integral part of our Food Safety program and business. Dixon has been and continues to be very knowledgeable and responsive in helping us maintain a first class facility. I consider them to be more than a vendor, but rather a business partner.”

– Scott M.
Valdosta, GA

“In our audit yesterday, the auditor was very impressed with Dixon Pest Services and the book they put together for us. Thank you for such a well done job!”

– Jill D.
Winter Haven, FL

“With this letter, I am recommending Dixon Pest Services as a great business partner. I have worked with two different organizations and brought Dixon on board at both. They are professional pest controllers and very cooperative to work with. They do it by the book and provide all required documentation. I feel very confident in recommending Dixon to take care of your pest problems.”

– Phillip C.
Homerville, GA

“Dixon Pest Services has been servicing our facility since December of 2008. They have proven themselves very dependable, reliable and easy to work with. Their service personnel have been very attentive to our pest control needs. Based on our experience, we are happy to recommend Dixon Pest Services.”

– Gary B.
Bainbridge, GA

“Dixon Pest Services has been servicing our facility since July of 2001. We have found them to be very dependable and easy to work with from the beginning. They have always been very conscientious when responding to our pest control needs. Based on our experience over the past years, we are happy to recommend Dixon for all pest control needs.”

– Steve F.
Moultrie, GA

“Dixon Pest Services provides a very intensive Integrated Pest Management Program for our site and their information and tracking of the systems has proved beneficial in providing our customers with contamination-free products. Mr. Dixon and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. It is a pleasure working with Dixon Pest Services.

– Monty C.
Contractor Administrator
Perry, FL

“We have used Dixon Pest Services for many years and have found them to be helpful and reliable on both new construction termite pretreatments and termite inspections. I would highly recommend them for all aspects of subterranean termite control.”

– Robbie B.
Cairo, GA

“We moved to Thomasville and began using Dixon Pest Services in 1978. They have always been professional and courteous and we have had no termites. We believe in doing business with local people we know and trust.

– Mary Jo B.
Thomasville, GA

“Before retiring in Thomasville, I owned and operated a large termite and pest control company in Florida. Now I am proud to be a customer of Dixon Pest Services. I know firsthand of Charles Dixon’s commitment to customer care and customer service as well as his efforts to stay informed about changes in chemistry and insect biology critical to this industry. Your home will be in excellent hands with Dixon’s.”

– J. Frank H.
Thomasville GA

“We have tried the do-it-yourself fire ant treatments, each time spending upwards of $20 for a package that is barely enough to treat all of the ant mounds in our yard. Instead of killing off the ants as advertised, these expensive treatments more often than not merely motivated the ants to move their colony to another place in the yard. Especially these days when we are watching every penny, I got my fill of flushing $20 worth of insecticide down the drain. I finally called Dixon Pest Services to take care of the ants. They know what they’re doing, and they stand behind their service 100%. This just boils down to being smarter about how I spend my hard-earned money.”

– Mike B.
Thomasville, GA


“Dixon Pest Services was the first service company to come to our house when we arrived in Thomasville in 1969. Their service for more than 40 years has been excellent. They are on time, courteous, efficient, and accommodating. If called, they have always come to check out any pest problems. We use their pest control service, termite inspection and mosquito reduction service.”

– Cliff & Frances C.
Thomasville, GA

“Let me tell you how much more I have enjoyed my backyard summers, since you have been misting for mosquitoes. We now have our yard back! Thank you.”

– Mrs. Roy L.
Thomasville, GA

Before retiring in Thomasville, I owned and operated a large termite and pest control company in Florida. Now I am proud to be a customer of Dixon Pest Services. I know firsthand of Charles Dixon’s commitment to customer care and customer service as well as his efforts to stay informed about changes in chemistry and insect biology critical to this industry. Your home will be in excellent hands with Dixon’s.

– J. Frank Helms

“Dixon has responded to our unique needs concerning Integrated Pest Management and paperless record keeping. Dixon has spent considerable time and energy training their technicians to our unique needs of the food manufacturing business.”

– Greg S.
Albany, GA

“I have known Mr. Dixon personally for many years. I have observed him socially and in business situations and find him to be a man of fine character and integrity.”

– L. S. F.
Thomasville, GA

“Dixon Pest Services was contracted by our company to help us maintain the quality and high standards our customers are accustomed to. Charles Dixon and his team have provided us a superior service. It is a real pleasure working with a company who respects the needs of their customers.”

– George E.
Thomasville, GA

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