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The Invasive Formosan Termite

  Over the past year or two, or customers in and around Thomasville and this region of Georgia have been infested by the invasive formosan termite and is considered at “high risk.” As the name suggests, this particular breed of termite is invasive and can cause extreme damage to your home. Here’s what you need to know about formosan termites.   It’s nicknamed “the super termite.”  Formosan termites build giant colonies—where most termite species have colonies comprising several hundred thousand termites, formosan termites can contain several million. And they chew through wood much faster than other kinds of termites, which
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What Do Mothballs Do?    

Not just for grammas! Or are they? What do they … do? How do they work? DO they work? Do they work on other pests? Or should you call the whole thing off? You never expect it. One day, you reach into the back of your closet for something to wear, pull out a sweater you haven’t seen in a while, and BAM there are holes chewed into the neck and sleeves. This feels like a 20th-century problem.   But, sadly, moths eat clothes no matter how old you are or where you live. Your gramma knew that, which is
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