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COVID-19 and Pest Control: FAQ

These are unusual and difficult times. The COVID-19 outbreak is forcing many of us to stay largely indoors, and any outdoor time we do have is primarily spent in our yard. Unfortunately, while we are hunkered down, common household pests (roaches, ants, termites, and mosquitoes) are taking no such precautions. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a pest control service you can trust to not only handle your pest problems but also take the necessary safety precautions to protect your family’s health and safety.  Dixon Pest Services is that company. Why is pest control an essential service?
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Spot the Difference: Flying Termite vs. Flying Ant

Flying termites and flying ants do two very different things: while ants with wings are basically just airborne irritants, termites with wings (also known as termite swarmers) are an early warning sign that a termite colony is scouting your home as a possible feasting ground. What does it matter? Well, when you first spot one of these flying insects, it can be hard to tell the two apart, and knowing what you’re dealing with can be the difference between panic (flying termite) or annoyance (flying ant). That’s why we’ve put together a little exercise to help you identify the two!
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3 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Start Pest Control Services

Winters in the South Georgia-North Florida region bring with them a handful of pests, from fire ants to spiders to rodents. With all these different critters and creepy crawlies causing wintertime woes, it’s clear that winter pests are no joke. But it’s no secret that the summertime is an even more pest-busy time, with weather heating up and all sorts of insects and wildlife coming out of the woodwork to enjoy the warmer weather. Having a service plan in place for peak pest season is so important; here are 3 reasons why.  Dangerous Pests Become More Active in Summer Sweltering
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