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An Updated Message to Our Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic (June 1, 2020)

The Dixon Pest Services team continues to be fully operational as we continue to serve our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As In recent days, it has been announced that we are moving into a new phase in which efforts to suppress the spread of the virus are balanced with efforts to restart the economy and allow people to get back to work.  Accordingly, effective June 1, Dixon Pest Services is resuming interior service for those insect types for which there is no alternative to inside treatments (fleas, German roaches and bed bugs). Internal / Staffing Protocols In this new phase,
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3 Signs You Need Flea Treatment Now

Fleas! The most classic of the pet-based infestations. And while pet treatments for fleas do help, are they enough?  Not always. Especially since — petless readers beware — you don’t actually have to have an animal in the house to wind up with fleas. And flea bites themselves aren’t just itchy and annoying. They can also cause allergic reactions and dermatitis.  Although the efficacy of flea treatments for pets is pretty high (with regular maintenance and proper application), it’s not 100 percent. Some pets develop an immunity to treatments and they stop working (which means you should be regularly rotating
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