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How to Spot a Termite Hole

You’re finding little holes around your home. You wonder what they are. You Google, “What do termite holes look like?” And here you are. First, let us say no matter where you are, give us a call and describe what you’re seeing (or take a picture or video!), and we can help you determine if you need the help of a pest control specialist. Next, it’s actually important to understand that there are different types of termites. Some termites, called drywood termites, are the kind that typically leave holes. (More on how and why in a minute.) But other termites
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How to Avoid Bugs in Your Houseplants

When you start to bring houseplants into your life, you can quickly get addicted to being surrounded by lush greenery. And once you get the hang of the watering and the light, you can get pretty geeky about the textures, colors, shapes, and sizes of the foliage you’ve invited into your space. So it can be kind of a bummer when you observe misshapen or holey foliage on your plants… or see flying insects around your house plants. There are a few ways that indoor plants do attract bugs into your home. Let’s go over them. What attracts bugs to
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