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Bed bug infestations bring their own set of challenges for not only individual homeowners, but also for businesses such as hotels, apartments, health care facilities, theaters, and anywhere people are on the move. Bed bugs move fast, are small, and are active mostly at night and thus can be very difficult to identify or detect. Telltale signs of a bed bug infestation are dark spots (dried bed bug excrement) on mattresses or bedding, wallpaper, nightstands and even electrical outlets in the wall. You may also notice the cast skins left behind as the bed bug grows.

Do-it-yourself remedies do not work. Call the professionals! Bed bugs are challenging pests to control and virtually impossible to treat and eliminate yourself. Our Bed Bug Specialists have years of experience treating the toughest bed bug problems.

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Dixon Pest Services bed bug treatments begin with a careful initial inspection by a Dixon Bed Bug Specialist. After inspection, our specialist will implement an initial treatment and subsequent follow-up treatment roughly 7-10 days after the initial service. We work with every home or business owner each step of the way to identify, prepare, and successfully treat any bed bug problems.

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