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Our Mosquito Management Service is always performed by a uniformed, trained, professional and will only use the highest quality materials to minimize unnecessary exposures to family members and pets.

Mosquito Reduction Services

Mosquitoes are very common in our region and can keep you from enjoying your outdoor spaces such as pools, lawns, porches and decks, especially during the warmer months. Besides being pesky, mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases and cause allergic reactions for some people. Dixon Pest Services offers two proven treatment options to reduce the mosquito population around your outdoor spaces.

1. Seasonal Mosquito Reduction
Seasonal Mosquito reduction is a monthly treatment plan during the spring and summer months designed to reduce the mosquito population in all common outdoor areas around your home.

Based on the initial on-site inspection by one of our trained Mosquito Specialists, we will identify mosquito breeding and harborage areas and make recommendations for simple steps the homeowner can take to help eliminate those mosquito-breeding conditions. We will then treat those areas around your home to greatly reduce existing mosquito population.

Dixon Seasonal Mosquito Reduction plans includes:

  • Mosquito protection
  • Exterior inspection of property
  • Guidance to homeowners to eliminate mosquito breading conditions

2. Year-Round Mosquito Reduction (Automatic Mister System)
Dixon Pest Services Automatic Mister System is a year-round, self-contained, on-site mosquito treatment system designed to reduce living mosquito populations automatically in applications where aggressive mosquito reduction is desired or necessary. Outdoors areas such as heavily infested home sites, horse barns, dog kennels, commercial properties, and food-processing plants are a few examples of sites that could greatly benefit from the Dixon Automatic Mister system.

After initial inspection of the property, treatment zones are defined and the system installed to reduce the mosquito population year-round.

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