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Formosan and Asian Termites are Spreading Through South Florida and the Rest of the Southeast

Pest control is something that every homeowner should be aware of. Especially here in Florida, where we have a history of nasty invasive species wreaking havoc on our homes and local ecosystems. Right now, there are two non-native species of termites that are spreading throughout the state of Florida and destroying property at a rapid speeds. According to the Sun Sentinel, despite the ground floor of Chris Ellis’ South Florida home being beautiful, the upstairs has been totally destroyed by termite damage. “I have no upstairs at all,” said Ellis. “Two bedrooms are gone. The floors are gone. I’ve never
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Rasberry Crazy Ants are Swarming by the Millions and Affecting Homes Across the Southeast

Southeast exterminators are issuing a warning for homeowners across the southeast to watch out for a new type of ant. Rasberry Crazy Ants are swarming by the billions and are affecting homes all over the country. Texas exterminators first discovered this invasive South American species of ant in 2002, but their numbers have grown significantly since then. Rasberry Crazy Ants have been spotted in Georgia and the Carolinas so far. “These will be the dominant ant,” said exterminator Brandon Johnson. “And the threat they pose to us is they can virtually live in anything, anywhere.” According to WCNC, there is
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