6 Pest Control Tips to Prepare for Winter

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Pest ControlThe average cost to hire a pest control company in the U.S. averages between $109 to $284, depending on the issue. If you wait too long and let infestations grow, though, serious damage may occur, and you could end up spending much more money controlling and preventing bugs.

Since winter is approaching, it’s important to know the best ways to winter-proof your home in relation to pests.

  1. Replace any and all loose mortar and weather stripping around all your windows and around the foundation of your basement.
  2. You should keep all your firewood at least 20 feet from your home and a few feet up in the air. Bugs can nest inside piles of woods and easily enter into your home if you keep the pile too close to your house.
  3. Focus on ventilation to keep pests from thriving inside your home environment. Make sure your attic, basement, and all small spaces are properly ventilated. Make sure to ventilate your chimney as well, which can provide sufficient ventilation throughout your home.
  4. Take a look at the outside of your home and inspect every inch of your property to the best of your ability. If you notice any issues, seal the holes and cracks to your home’s structure. Make sure to double-check all the areas of your home where pipes and other utilities are attached because insects can easily get through these points.
  5. Don’t forget about your storage sheds and garages. These areas typically accumulate the most amount of clutter on your property. Pests can hide in the clutter of a garage and eventually make their way to your home, causing more damage. Keep these areas as clean as possible in order to prevent the spreading of insects.
  6. Clean up all moisture areas and pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen, as these are popular areas for insects to swarm.

Although you can do a few of these yourself, if you really want to rid your home of these unwanted pests, you should contact an experienced pest control company and hire an exterminator to come to your home and perform proper pest control services.

Hoping For a Mild Winter? So Are Termites

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residential pest controlEveryone hopes for a winter that’s as mild as it is quick. People simply don’t want to endure long, brutal winters that bring snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. There are, however, some issues with easy winters that people should know before they are so eager to put away their snow equipment.

Every year, termites cause roughly $30 billion in damage to U.S. structures. After mild winters, termites have a much better opportunity to feast of moist wood, causing more havoc for homeowners.

CBC News reports that during warmer winter temperatures, the environment becomes much more moist, which creates ideal conditions for termites and other pests. Harsh, frozen winters actually make it much more difficult for termites to feed — and subsequently cause any damage to your home — so they retreat underground where they’re usually dormant until spring.

Residential pest control services are a must if we do, in fact, experience a mild winter. Hire an exterminator through a pest control company if you believe your home is in danger of a termite infestation. Even if this winter lasts for 11 and a half months, it’s still best to consult a residential pest control exterminator when the warm weather comes back.

“In people’s homes, they might open up a wall and all of a sudden they’ll find all the damage, or they might find the termites in there,” said Eric James, a termite specialist.

It’s difficult to actually see the termites once they’re in your home. Rather, homeowners will likely discover termite droppings or signs of the physical damage. That’s why it’s important to consult with an exterminator before it’s too late. If you let your home become overrun with termite colonies — which can eat through about five grams of a wooden structure a day — you are going to end up spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Take the necessary preventative measures to ensure these pests never make it into your home. Contact Dixon Pest Services for residential pest control today.

These 3 Signs Mean Termites Are Active In Your Home

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exterminatorTermites can cause extreme structural damage to a home, serious financial damage to a homeowner’s bank account, and unhealthy levels of stress to residents. These unwanted pests, on average each year, damage roughly 600,000 homes in the United States.

If you’ve spotted termite damage in your home, it’s essential that you act quickly to prevent the damage from spreading and costing you even more money. You should hire an exterminator as soon as any signs of termites are present.

Most people know that sawdust under wooden objects is a sure sign of a termite infestation, but there are other, less obvious signs, too. Here are a few more warning signs of hungry, hungry termites to keep an eye out for.

Damage to Any Wood Inside Your Home

Termites eat through wooden structures and leave behind long trails of grooves. After a while, the grooves left by termites become very weak and cause wooden structural damage. Usually, termites will do their best to remain out of sight while chewing through your wood, so it’s best to check areas behind walls, underneath the floors, and in your attic. Since searching in these difficult-to-reach areas probably isn’t your expertise, it’s best to work with a professional pest control company that can send an experienced exterminator out to your home to address the termite issue.

Leftover Termite Wings

Discarded termite wings are typically found near points of access around your home. You should check the areas around each window, door, and any other home-access points. Termites leave their nests to attempt to begin a new colony. After termites fly to their desired location, they break off their wings because they have settled and will not need them again. This is a great warning sign of termite presence in your home. If you notice a significant amount of discarded termite wings, seek professional help immediately.

Small Mud Tubes

Termites need specific humidity levels to survive. By inspecting the areas of your house where it meets the ground, you’ll be able to identify any of these mud tubes that can lead to a termite infestation. The tubes are usually shaped like a pencil and help block out dry, cool air, making your home a better place for termites to live. If you discover a mud tube that looks like it hasn’t been used in a long time, you can remove a middle section of the tube and leave the rest of it intact. If termites are still active in your house, they will rebuild the middle section and continue on.

If you need a Tallahassee exterminator to come to your home and rid your home of termites, contact Dixon Pest Services today!

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