Protect Your Home From Termite Damage This Summer: 3 Tips

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residential pest controlYou’re a homeowner now. Congrats!

You probably thought that after all those years of hard work and saving up that you’d be able to finally relax and enjoy your very own piece of property — and you were partially right. Although you can relax whenever you want from the comfort of your own slice of earth, if you do so for too long, neglecting various aspects of your property, you could end up ruining your home.

Unfortunately, your responsibilities don’t disintegrate once you become a homeowner. They actually become much more massive. You now have an entire property to look after and protect with all your might. One of the most difficult adversaries of the homeowner doesn’t seem mighty at all from afar, but once inside your home, the termite can cause significant financial and structural nightmares.

Although a single termite is so small and relatively harmless, termite damage as a result of a massive infestation can ruin homes. The average homeowner who discovers severe termite damage will spend at least $3,000 on repairs. Rather than throwing all that money away in the future, it’s up to you to do everything you can to protect your home from these pests and actually prevent this type of damage from ever occurring.

Here are some tips for homeowners to use to fight back against termites.

Work with a residential pest control company
Although there are a few small things you can do to give yourself at least a fighting chance against termites, the only way to ensure that these pests never make it into your home is to work with a professional residential pest control service. These exterminators will not only eradicate any existing termite issues on your property; they will help you prevent any future infestations from happening. Don’t rely on your own termite prevention methods — get help from the pros.

Keep your home clean at all times
Termites love clutter, garbage, and messes, so you should do your best to make sure you never have any of those inside your home. You should clean up every single crumb after every meal, frequently take out the garbage, and pick up any piles of clutter that have accumulated over time. Having a messy home is basically inviting termites in, so clean up as much as you can.

Keep wooden areas far away from your home
Termites thrive off wooden structures and areas. They will use any piles of mulch, wooden logs, or old swing sets to gain entry onto your property and eventually inside your home. So make sure you’re monitoring your yard just as much as your home’s interior to keep termites as far away as possible.

Don’t let termites ruin your beautiful home. If you’re in need of residential pest control services, or want to learn more about how to prevent your home from termite damage, contact Dixon Pest Services today.

Beware of These Major Cockroach Infestation Warnings

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pest controlCockroaches can cause literal nightmares for homeowners and they should be taken care of as soon as possible. Seeing one or two roaches over an extended period of time might gross you out, but there shouldn’t be too much of a concern. But if you begin to notice more and more, you could have a severe cockroach infestation on your hands. If that’s the case, contact pest control services and hire an exterminator.

If cockroaches begin to multiple inside your home; that could mean that you could soon see a massive infestation. Roaches typically reach maturity between 40 and 125 days deepening on the temperature. Because of this, in a little over a month you could see an increase of 1,500 cockroaches in your home. Let’s say, hypothetically, if you ignore this growing infestation for a year — that would equal roughly 18,000 cockroaches living in your home, subsequently ruining your life. Don’t let these bugs take over your home. Identify a swarm and have it taken care of right away.

Here are a two telltale signs of major cockroach infestations to be aware of:

You Notice a Terrible Odor
You probably won’t be able to smell a single cockroach or even a small group. But if an infestation starts to grow inside your home, it’s only a matter of time before the odor becomes unbearable. Pay attention to any kind of strange smells coming from your home and if it becomes too overpowering, get help right away.

You Notice Roaches During the Day
Cockroaches are nocturnal, so they do most of their scavenging at night. But if there are too many roaches in a single home, there won’t be enough space to nest all of them and entire swarms will scavenge your home during the day. If you notice any cockroaches during the daytime, you need to get professional help immediately because a major swarm is most likely residing on your property.

Don’t underestimate the importance of working with an experienced pest control company when dealing with a swarm of cockroaches. You’ll most likely cause more harm than good if you try and exterminate these pests yourself, so it’s best to work with a trusted pest control company. Contact Dixon Pest Services today if your home is infested with cockroaches and are in need of a professional exterminator.

Protect Your Homes, Businesses, and Schools from Termite Damage

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termite control tallahasseeIf you’re battling your own termite control Tallahassee problems, you might be in some serious trouble if you’re inexperienced or the termite swarm is too severe. Although you might have to pay a few extra bucks to get professional help (the average cost to hire pest control services averages between $109 and $284 depending on the severity), that’s a much better option than letting those pesky pests destroy your property.

Across Florida, termites have been causing serious damage to structures for decades. These insects have been destroying homes, ruining businesses, and, in some major circumstances, even shutting down schools.

“The infestation was so bad, it was all over the children, all over the school, all over the floor,” said Angela Carter, a mother of 5-year-old twins who are students of Chappell School. “It was like some type of horror movie.”

According to First Coast News, the school first noticed a termite issue in May when entire swarms took over classrooms. The school reacted immediately and closed down to treat the building with pesticide, but the infestation didn’t completely go away. Suzanne Beevers, Director of Operations, released the following statement:

At Chappell Schools the safety and well-being of the children is our number one priority. We have fully treated our building for the termites and at this time there is nothing more that can be done to prevent the swarming in the afternoons from happening.

Whether the infestation has occurred inside a home, business, or school, it’s recommended that the following be done:

  • Clean gutters and point them away from the building’s structure.
  • Keep any piles of wood or clutter far away from the structure of the home or building.
  • Don’t leave outside lights on for long periods of time during the warmer months because termites are drawn to the warmth.
  • Don’t point sprinklers directly at the building to avoid water damage.

The most important tip, however, to prevent termite damage and other pest infestations is to work with a trusted insect control service. Protect your homes, businesses, and schools this summer with experienced termite control Tallahassee exterminators. If you want to work with one of the best termite control Tallahassee companies, contact Dixon Pest Services today.

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