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Top Pests in the Florida Panhandle: Part 1

Bugs can be just as fascinating as they are annoying. Throughout Florida there are dozens of truly remarkable creatures that do everything from look cool to ruin housing structures. It’s important to understand these various pests, as well as when to contact a Tallahassee pest control company to rid your property of these unwelcome bugs. Here are some of the most common bugs in the Florida panhandle: 1.Plecia Nearctica¬†— These flies are commonly known as “love bugs.” You can find them across Florida’s highways, as they love the roadway’s lights and car’s exhaust fumes. Drivers are more likely to find
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Top Pests in the Florida Panhandle: Part 2

You’ve already read about the importance of pest control and a few common bugs you’ll find in the Florida Panhandle, including mosquitos, noseeums, yellow flies, termites, and love bugs. But unfortunately, there are plenty more pests that you should be on the lookout for. Here are some additional bugs that you will most likely come across if you’re in the Florida Panhandle: 1.Fire Ants¬†— Fire ants are from South America, but they have become quite prevalent in Florida and other southern states in recent decades. In fact, despite the best efforts of our exterminators, they’re becoming more common with each
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