3 Important Tips to Prevent Termite Infestation On Your Property

Being a homeowner is great -- but it can also be extremely stressful and overwhelming if you don't stay on top of everything.

It's easy to fall behind when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and lawn care. You know why it's important to keep the inside of your home running smoothly; if your AC system gives up the ghost in August, for example, your family will be miserable. However, it's equally vital to maintain the outside of your home. If you ignore your backyard, that could actually end up negatively affecting the interior of your home. One particularly dangerous culprit to watch out for is the termite.

Termites will hide out in debris and woodpiles in your yard and eventually make their way to your home's structure. Termites damage approximately 600,000 U.S. homes each year and force homeowners to spend roughly $5 billion on repairs. That's why it's extremely important to be proactive with your termite and other pest prevention. Taking care of your yard requires diligent maintenance, but it can save you thousands of dollars in damage. Here's how:

    • Keep Wood Away -- Since the termites live and feed in these wooded areas, you need to keep any woodpiles at least 20 feet away from your home to ensure the insects can't easily migrate. Keeping firewood at least five inches off the ground will make it more difficult for the termites to get into your wood in the first place. Similarly, rotted stumps and logs should be addressed if they are within 20 feet of your home.
    • Keep Up With Yard Work -- Taking care of your yard requires regular maintenance; you can't just wait for a problem to happen. You should mow your lawn at least once a week and immediately take care of any growing weeds or unwanted bushes. Make sure you take proper care of any plants you have to keep them healthy and pest free.
  • Hire an Exterminator -- The best way to prevent your home from termite and other pest damage is to send in the professionals. Rather than waiting for a serious pest issue to affect your home, why not address the issue before any damage occurs? If you see signs of a termite infestation or suspect you may have one, contact Dixon Pest Services for pest control assistance.