Late Summer Pests in Georgia and Florida

Fly on wood in Tallahassee

Pests are often an all-year problem in Georgia and Florida, but many pests seem to be extremely active and bothersome in late summer. This can often be attributed to a variety of factors, including food availability, warmer weather, and a peak in the pest population. Understanding why these pests become more active during this time can help you take the proper steps to prevent and control their presence in and around your home.

Common Late Summer Pests


Mosquitoes are one of the most common summer pests and are known for their signature itchy bites they leave behind. Late summer months are often known for higher humidity and temperatures. The higher temperatures and humidity allow cold-blooded insects, like mosquitoes, to mature faster, as well as increase food availability for their larvae. This acceleration in growth and food availability lead to a noticeable upswing in mosquito activity during the late summer. 


Nothing says summer like flies buzzing around your home. The common house fly will often enter your home more in the summer as you open your windows and doors to let a nice summer breeze inside. Like mosquitoes, these cold-blooded insects are most active during the summer months due to the weather. The warm weather will also cause organic matter like fruit, yard debris, and garbage to decay faster, attracting both house and fruit flies.

Bed Bugs

While bed bugs are active year-round, summer often means an increase in travel and outdoor activities, allowing bed bugs to spread easily. Hotels, vacation rentals, and even public transportation can harbor bed bug infestations. It is important to be vigilant during travel and thoroughly inspect all bedding and furniture in your hotel or vacation rental to prevent these unwanted summer guests from hitchhiking their way into your home.


Late summer can bring a surge in cockroach activity. The warm weather boosts their growth and allows them to become more active and bold in their search for food.  Late summer offers an abundance of food sources for cockroaches; fallen fruits, decaying vegetation, and open garbage cans are accessible food sources for these scavengers. 

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