2017 Insect Control: 3 Bugs to Look Out For This Year

Pest control services can get homeowners out of virtually any problem involving insect control. Now that the warmer months are officially here, it's important that homeowners are fully aware of the bugs that could soon infest their homes and how to tell if their property is at risk.

Here are a few insects that you should look out for this year.

Mosquitoes can absolutely ruin life for a property owner. Having two or three mosquitoes fly around you at night can be annoying, but not necessarily anything to worry about, but having a significant amount of them consistently fly around your property can cause serious problems. Keep an eye out for mosquitoes around your property, and not just flying through the air either. Take a look at the walls and ceilings around your home and look for these unwanted guests. Another clear sign of mosquito infestation is number of bites on the skin. If you notice any mosquito presence on your property, contact an insect control company that specializes in mosquito reduction and mosquito control.

Female cockroaches can produce between four and eight egg captures over the course of their lifetime. Each of these capsules have roughly 30 to 48 eggs inside that results in a reproduction rate of fully 120 to 384 eggs in a single year. Because of the high reproduction rate of these bugs, you should act as soon as possible once you identify any cockroach presence in your home. Keep an eye out for these egg cases, as well as roach feces, and pay attention to any strange smells coming from your home. A cockroach's odor gets worse the longer the infestation lasts, so if the smell continues to worsen each day, know that you have a problem and should get help right away.

Termites are some of the most damaging creatures on the entire planet. These pests can swarm homes and significantly damage physical structures that result in extremely high repair costs down the line. Take a look at your property line and make sure there aren't any termites living in trees or piles of mulch near your home. If you find discarded wings or small droppings inside your home, as well as any hollow or damaged wood, you most likely have a termite issue and you should act quickly.

If you're in need of quality insect control services and want to take your property back, contact Dixon Pest Services today.