Some of the Most Common Pests to Be Aware of This Spring

Spring has officially sprung, but unfortunately that means the pests have arrived as well. And if you're not careful, your home could be a pest magnet. So how do you stop these critters from coming in and wreaking havoc on your home? Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself from the most common spring pests.

Ants are perhaps the most annoying of springtime pests. While many pests seem to go away with a single call to a pest control service, ants like to stick around. They can be inside, outside, and all around your home if you're not careful! The best way to deter these tiny tyrants is to prevent them from being interested in your home in the first place. Make sure all of your food is stored in sealed containers and cleaned up properly, and make sure your floors stay clean and food-free. If it's too late for these remedial measures, then it's time for some professional pest control.

Bees and Wasps!
Not only are these pests annoying, they can be dangerous as well. If you notice high numbers of wasps and yellow-jackets hanging around your home, odds are there's a hive formed -- or in the process of forming -- somewhere nearby. In this case, it's important to call a pest control company immediately. But if you notice any honeybee hives, try to leave these harmless pollinators alone. If a nuisance hive does need to be removed from the premises, it's important that you call your local beekeeper to ensure the hive is transferred safely to a beekeeping facility.

Spiders, while they might be pesky, aren't necessarily a bad thing if they're of the non-venomous, garden-based variety. But if you notice any new spiders hanging around your home, make sure you call pest control services immediately, as it could be an invasive species and a threat to your family. But smaller spiders, while you might want to consult residential pest control services about them, are generally helpful in that they kill and eat other small insects (like ants) in your home.

These are just a few of the most common spring pests that can cause issues in your home this season. These and other insects cause an estimated $30 billion in damage annually to our homes, structures, and crops. Don't let them! Make sure you're taking care of your yard and your family by staying in contact with local pest control companies this spring season.