Top Pests in the Florida Panhandle: Part 1

Bugs can be just as fascinating as they are annoying. Throughout Florida there are dozens of truly remarkable creatures that do everything from look cool to ruin housing structures. It's important to understand these various pests, as well as when to contact a Tallahassee pest control company to rid your property of these unwelcome bugs.

Here are some of the most common bugs in the Florida panhandle:

1.Plecia Nearctica -- These flies are commonly known as "love bugs." You can find them across Florida's highways, as they love the roadway's lights and car's exhaust fumes. Drivers are more likely to find these bugs in the morning and late afternoon. After a long drive across the Panhandle, you'll likely notice dozens of these bugs scattered across windshields and bumpers.

2. Termites -- Every year, termites cause $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures throughout the United States. There are termites all over Florida, unfortunately, which is why you'll need to contact termite control companies as soon as you identify even a single termite. Because there rarely is just one, it's usually an infestation.

3. Yellow Flies -- These flies are ferocious biters and irritate Floridians throughout the summer but can be found in other months as well. Female yellow flies need a blood source in order to develop their eggs during mating seasons, so be on the lookout!

4. Noseeums -- These "sand fleas" spend most of their time at the beach, but they aren't all that fun to be around. They are very difficult to see and have an annoying bite.

5. Mosquitos -- Mosquitos are extremely common throughout Florida and transfer sometimes fatal diseases through their bites. We all remember the Zika breakout -- Mosquitos caused that global scare and they can do it again. Know how to handle mosquito bites and hire exterminators to address any mosquito swarms on your property.

6. Palmetto Roaches -- Big cockroaches that can fly! What can we say but yikes?

Though it's important to know how to identify these bugs, it's just as important to know when to contact Tallahassee pest control services. Whenever you're in need of professional exterminators, contact an experienced Tallahassee pest control service to get rid of those pesky pests for good. Protect your homes and give Dixon Pest Services a call today. Also, keep an eye out for part two of this series on the top pests across the Florida Panhandle.