Top Pests in the Florida Panhandle: Part 2

You've already read about the importance of pest control and a few common bugs you'll find in the Florida Panhandle, including mosquitos, noseeums, yellow flies, termites, and love bugs. But unfortunately, there are plenty more pests that you should be on the lookout for.

Here are some additional bugs that you will most likely come across if you're in the Florida Panhandle:

1.Fire Ants -- Fire ants are from South America, but they have become quite prevalent in Florida and other southern states in recent decades. In fact, despite the best efforts of our exterminators, they're becoming more common with each passing year. Spend some time taking a look at your backyard every few weeks to make sure there aren't any fire ant mounts forming; these pests leave quite a painful sting and are especially dangerous for children and pets.

2. Stable Flies -- Also known as dog flies, these bugs usually attack pets, but they can also bite humans. Stable flies will gather in large numbers along the shoreline and cause problems for those who get too close.

3. Cockroaches -- Cockroaches are, unfortunately, one of the staples of Florida. A roach reaches maturity in 40 to 125 days depending on the temperature (warmer meaning faster), so in over a month you could see an increase of nearly 1,500 roaches -- that's 18,000 cockroaches a year!

4. Wolf Spiders -- The hogna carolinensis are large spiders that can grow to as big as 25 mm in size. They might look terrifying and like they can cause a lot of pain, but luckily they tend to stay away from humans.

5. Southern Mole Crickets -- These crickets are from South America as well, but they are found all over Florida yards today. Mole crickets burrow underneath turf and feed on grass roots, subsequently ruining properties. Find a pest control service that can address these bugs before your yard is compromised.

Knowing when to ask for help from Tallahassee pest control companies is essential if you plan on spending any time in the Panhandle. If you're in need of professional exterminators in Tallahassee, don't wait until it's too late -- contact Dixon Pest Services today and get rid of any unwanted pests inside your home or surrounding your property.