Flies 101: Identifying Flies and their Threats

Flies are common pests that frequently make unwelcomed visits into our homes. Their population continues to grow and today there are 120,000 different types found globally, and about 18,000 types found around North America. It is imperative that we are aware of flies in order to prevent their rapid reproduction and the spreading of dangerous diseases they are known to carry, including tuberculosis, malaria, and salmonella.


Where Do Flies Come From?

Flies generally hatch outside, and then move into homes through weak spots in structures, such as torn screens used to cover windows and doors.


What Do Flies Do While Living In your Home?

Flies are able to lay their eggs in any area that has warm and moist material. This includes trash cans, piles of compost, rotten organic material, and excrement.  Female flies can lay 75 to 150 eggs at a time and together the eggs only add up to the size of a pea, which makes it hard for anyone to identify.


Common Types of Flies

House Fly

The most common type of fly found in homes.

Fruit Fly

Can be found throughout North America, and are known for their rapid reproduction.

Horse Fly

Found in both suburban and rural areas around bodies of water, and are known to be strong pests of horses.


How Can You Prevent the Spread of Flies?

The best way to ensure you are preventing flies in your home is to make sure you practice vigilant sanitation. This can be done through removing trash, keeping all counters clean, screening windows and doors properly, and disposing decaying food correctly.

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