Rasberry Crazy Ants are Swarming by the Millions and Affecting Homes Across the Southeast

Southeast exterminators are issuing a warning for homeowners across the southeast to watch out for a new type of ant.

Rasberry Crazy Ants are swarming by the billions and are affecting homes all over the country. Texas exterminators first discovered this invasive South American species of ant in 2002, but their numbers have grown significantly since then. Rasberry Crazy Ants have been spotted in Georgia and the Carolinas so far.

"These will be the dominant ant," said exterminator Brandon Johnson. "And the threat they pose to us is they can virtually live in anything, anywhere."

According to WCNC, there is nothing a person can purchase to prevent these ants from multiplying in your home. Although they do not bite or sting, Rasberry Crazy Ants will get into food and could be a serious fire hazard if they swarm around a home's electrical equipment. That's because crazy ants really have earned their nickname.

"What we need to worry about is the electrical panels being shorted out by these massive numbers," Johnson added. "We don't know why, but they are attracted to electricity fields."

The best method of preventing these ants from multiplying and essentially taking over your home is to work with an experienced and professional exterminator who can perform pretreatment methods. Once they get inside your home, it's much more difficult to get them out.

"We can take action to start killing them initially," said Johnson, "but the thing is these have large populations. So as they continue dying, you'll be cleaning up."

Homeowners in the south should have plenty of experience already dealing with fire ants, which require fast action. Pest control should be a serious concern for any homeowner, especially now that there's a new invasive species of insect on the loose. These small, seemingly harmless bugs can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Every year, various types of pests cause approximately $30 billion in damage to manmade structures and crops in the United States.

Termites cause some of the most damage of all pests. Every year, termites damage around 600,000 homes, and people spend more than $5 billion a year to repair termite damage.

Hiring professionals who can offer quality bug guard services and other pest control methods can help prevent your backyard, frontward, and entire home from being destroyed.