Common Signs That Rodents are Living in your Home!

Most homeowners are unaware that 45 percent of rodent infestations occur during the fall and winter months. When it starts getting cold, rodents use this time to move indoors in search of food, shelter, and water.

Use the following checklist put together by the National Pest Management Association to help you determine whether or not your home has rodents.

Rodent Infestation Observation Checklist:

Droppings: The most common sign of an infestation is when you see mice or rat droppings around your home. These pellets are frequently found in places that often store food, such as cabinets and pantries.

Chew Markings: Rodents can chew through many types of material to retrieve water and food.

Nesting Areas: Rodents usually nest in dark areas with no disturbances.

Noises in Walls: This can be caused by rodents roaming around the house either between the walls or in the attic.


If you observe any of these signs of rodent infestation, call Dixon Pest Services to schedule a home inspection today!