3 Signs You Need Flea Treatment Now

Fleas! The most classic of the pet-based infestations. And while pet treatments for fleas do help, are they enough? 

Not always. Especially since — petless readers beware — you don’t actually have to have an animal in the house to wind up with fleas. And flea bites themselves aren’t just itchy and annoying. They can also cause allergic reactions and dermatitis

Although the efficacy of flea treatments for pets is pretty high (with regular maintenance and proper application), it’s not 100 percent. Some pets develop an immunity to treatments and they stop working (which means you should be regularly rotating your pets’ flea- and tick-control protection). 

So we look at the signs you may need additional protection from fleas in your yard and in your home. 

Your yard is shady.
When fleas aren’t feasting on our furbabies, they’re lurking around in the shade. They like humidity and warmth — so, in other words, basically everywhere in our region. If your yard has lots of shady places or if you’re near a body of water, or if your yard is prone to still water spots, you’re more vulnerable to fleas (in addition to many other pests). Regular flea-control treatments can do double duty in protecting your pets and your home from the nuisance and health dangers of fleas. 

You haven’t treated your home for fleas in a while.
If you’re keeping the fleas at bay in your yard, that’s only half your battle. Fleas can live in your home for a long time in the egg and larval stages. If the fleas stay in those stages, then they enter the next stage: their larvae will spin cocoons and then they’re in the pupal stage. From there, any vibration or pressure can knock these baby fleas loose. Then it’s attack time. Regular pest treatments ensure your home is cleared of all flea larvae and eggs so that they never get to grow up and hurt your pets! 

Your dog sure seems to be scratching a lot.
Maybe even worse than a flea infestation itself is the suspicion of a flea infestation. If your pup or kitty are licking or scratching their fur more than usual, your alarm bells might be set off. Next, you’re crawling around the floor looking for “flea dirt” and searching your poor pets for signs of uninvited life. 

Spare yourself the worry. Get peace-of-mind protection with Dixon Pest Services for your family and your furry friends.