3 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Start Pest Control Services

Winters in the South Georgia-North Florida region bring with them a handful of pests, from fire ants to spiders to rodents. With all these different critters and creepy crawlies causing wintertime woes, it’s clear that winter pests are no joke. But it’s no secret that the summertime is an even more pest-busy time, with weather heating up and all sorts of insects and wildlife coming out of the woodwork to enjoy the warmer weather. Having a service plan in place for peak pest season is so important; here are 3 reasons why. 

Dangerous Pests Become More Active in Summer

Sweltering summer heat brings out some of the worst pests that Florida and Georgia has to offer: the kind that can hurt people and spread disease. Mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, bees and wasps all thrive in warm temperatures, and each of these insects is a whole lot more than just a nuisance or inconvenience; they can be downright dangerous.

Mosquitoes and ticks are infamous disease spreaders; diseases like Zika, Lyme Disease and Malaria should all set off alarm bells in your head, and they’re the sorts of diseases that these insects can spread. Fire ants, bees and wasps aren’t disease spreaders, but a bite or sting from one of these aggressive insects can be serious for people with allergies, children and pets.


Prevention Now Means Fewer Headaches Later

Getting a plan in place before warm-weather pests rear their mischievous heads can save you from major infestations just a few months down the road. Measures like exterior treatments that will push pests away from your property and keeping your crawl space (if you have one) in tip-top shape can be the difference between a relaxing summer night on the porch and the time-consuming process of trying to get rid of pests that have already made their way onto your property or into your home. Preventative measures can stop infestations from ever happening--and ensure that your relaxing summer days and nights stay pest-free!


Overwintering Pests Can Be Stopped In Their Tracks

When things cool down, some insects and critters enter a less active state, where they slow down significantly in an attempt to conserve energy for the cold months ahead. While that’s good for homeowners and businesses owners during the winter (yay!), it can be a serious problem when the weather warms up (boo), because insect colonies or wildlife can still be setting up shop in your home overwinter, just to resume normal activity when temperatures climb closer to their liking. This can mean a sudden and unexpected infestation right as the weather turns warm.

Using a pest control service now, before warm weather is in full swing, can get those over winter pests identified and taken care of before they have a chance to become fully active. An overwintering infestation is a lot easier to take care of than an active one!

Don’t wait until your home or property is in the middle of a major infestation to contact a pest control service; contact Dixon Pest Services today! We provide both residential services and commercial services in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida to help you prevent or eradicate everything from mosquitoes to fire ants to bed bugs to rodents, and everything in between. With over 50 years of experience, you know that the job won’t just get done; it will get done right


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