Here’s Why Rodents Are Dangerous

No matter how many times cartoons show us mice making dresses and rats making French stews, the fact is these little creatures can actually be quite dangerous to your home and your health. We know. We’re sad about it, too.

“Worldwide, rats and mice spread over 35 diseases,” reports the CDC. Yeah. Not great for the chef making your stew to have so many diseases.

Here are all the ways rodents — no matter how cute they are on TV — can hurt you, and your home.

Well, the diseases.

So, we established that they carry diseases.  The list is a long one, and only medical professionals can even pronounce some of them!  Among those diseases is the PLAGUE.  Yeah, the plague. It’s still out there and rats are still spreading it, even after all these years. And also salmonella which can make you extremely sick or even (in rare cases) kill you.

These diseases are transmitted through urine and feces from rodents and their bacteria. When you have an infestation, that bacteria and dust from their fur and waste can contaminate several things and places in your home. It’s yucky stuff.

Then there’s the fires.

They’re not exactly arsonists, but 25 percent of all house fires are caused by rodents. As they’re chewing through your insulation and the infrastructure of your home, they’re also chewing through electrical wires, which causes sparks and ignites flames. It’s scary. And serious.

And, finally, the air quality.

That dust and debris we mentioned earlier? Rodents often make their way into ventilation systems, accelerating the spread of that debris throughout your home or building. That leads to asthma and other breathing difficulties, in addition to spreading bacteria and disease.

If you see a single mouse or a rat, that’s usually a good indication that you have a bigger problem. A few traps might put a Band-Aid on the issue, but to ensure your home is truly protected and sealed off from more rodent intruders, you’ll want to employ the services of a reliable service like Dixon Pest Services.

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